Sell Online with E-junkie

Do you have digital products you want to sell? Do you not have knowledge about creating a website? Are you stuck in a rut on what to do? Have E-junkie help simplify your selling online without needing a website. Here is how.

When selling online, whether it is real items you can touch, digital products and services, or even your own services, you usually get a domain name, find a company to host your website, and either use a template for a starter website or pay big bucks and make a website and upload to the web hoster. This can really cost money when you decide to sell online.

With E-junkie you can sell on their site or they can provide a shopping cart and buttons for a person to Buy Now. If you use Craigs List, eBay, or other websites that accepts Paypal, they can help you start up a business in a matter of hours.

One of the most popular places for a seller is ClickBank. Because people are affiliates and sell products they never touch for other people and companies. E-junkie will allow you to sell these affiliate products. They are under your own name and you can send to the buyer in a matter of seconds at the click of a button after receiving payment. How this is done is through automation. Once you tell the system at E-junkie how to do things, just walk away and leave it.

This is the beauty of working from home. E-junkie has your items for sale permanently there until you decide to remove it. This means twenty-four hours a day you are open for business. Never missing a sale and providing for your family like a real job.

There is no bandwidth or transaction limits at all. There is in most places. You pay so much a month to get this set amount of something. There is not even transaction or setup fees. This makes E-junkie extremely user friendly for very small businesses and starter businesses. It helps to get your feet wet to see what is selling and what should be replaced with something else. There is plenty of room to grow also as there is no worries about limitations.

If you want to try an alternative to traditional auction sites, E-junkie will allow you to ship items. Just set it up and the shipping will be automatically calculated. This is great with the holiday season soon to start. You can have something homemade you are wanting to try to sell. You might have some cool ideas on things you specialize in. Like dragons or wizards a collector is interested in.

At only $5 dollars a month you have nothing to lose trying out E-junkie. That is truly less than the cost of a movie ticket or even a decent dinner. If it can help bring more money back into your pocket for your family, relieves stress, and puts back in more family time, it is really worth thinking about.